The British Association for Jewish Studies (BAJS) was founded in 1975 as a learned society and professional organization on a non-profit-making basis. Its aims are to nurture, cultivate and advance the teaching and research in Jewish culture and history in all its aspects within Higher Education in the British Isles.

BAJS initiates and supports research and publication in the field of Jewish Studies:

  • BAJS organizes an annual scholarly conference in July
  • BAJS supports students through bursaries for conference attendance and organises two annual student essay competitions, one for undergraduates and one for postgraduates
  • BAJS co-ordinates an annual survey of Jewish Studies programmes and related courses in the UK
  • BAJS campaigns for an adequate representation of the interdisciplinary nature of Jewish Studies in Britain (REF, funding, etc.)

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Annual Conference:

The annual conference of the British Association for Jewish Studies 2018 will seek to put key Jewish Studies questions in dialogue with broader intellectual concerns of different academic disciplines. What do varying understandings of what it means to be Jewish tell us about contemporary constructions of what it means to be a human being and a fellow citizen? In what ways does research into Jewish diasporas contribute to debates about transnationalism? How does the diversity of Jewish communities’ sociality, religion and culture reflect the social diversity of their localities? The conference will explore how Jewish Studies can both engage with existing intellectual agendas of the humanities and social sciences and provide a model for inquiry that goes beyond disciplinary boundaries.