In response to the cessation of in-person teaching at many universities, BAJS is putting together a list of online resources that colleagues use for teaching. Below is a preliminary  list:

Resource lists:

EAJS Digital Forum:

Parkes Library resource list:

Columbia resource list:

Berkeley resource list:


Jewish Women’s Archive:


European Jewish Research Archive:

H-Judaic, Jewish Studies Network:

RAMBI, index of Jewish studies articles:

Judaica Europeana museum and library network:

Sefaria: A Living Library of Jewish Texts:

Maps of Byzantine Jewry:

Jewish/Non-Jewish Relations: Between Exclusion and Embrace. An Online Teaching Resource:


Key Documents of German-Jewish History ( bilingual—German/English—digital source edition that includes online exhibitions and teaching resources):

Digital image database on Jewish history (in German):

“Das Jüdische Hamburg” – a historical reference book on Jewish history in Hamburg (in German):

“Geschichtomat” – project for schools on Jewish history and culture in Hamburg (in German):

Eastern Europe:

The YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe:


In Geveb, online journal of Yiddish studies:

Yiddish Book Centre: (includes Steven Spielberg Digital

Yiddish Library, Frances Brandt online Yiddish audio archive, Wexler oral history project, etc)


Wiener Library lectures: YouTube:

Yad Vashem:

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum:

Stumbling Stones in Hamburg – biographical search for traces:


Resources for teaching on Jewish artist Samuel Bak:


The Talmud:



Judas Maccabeus:

Moses Mendelssohn:

Nine modern Jewish philosophers:

The Story of the Talmud:

Websites of Individual Scholars

‘A wide range of lectures and resources on ancient and medieval Judaism from Professor Gary Rendsburg (Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences):’.