BIAJS President and Conference 2022 Organiser

Dr Andrea Schatz,
Department of Theology and Religious Studies,
King’s College London.

BIAJS  Treasurer

Dr Lindsey Askin,
Department of Religion and Theology,
University of Bristol

BIAJS Secretary
Dr David Tollerton,
Department of Theology & Religion,
The University of Exeter,
Mail Room – The Old Library,
Prince of Wales Road,
Devon EX4 4SB

Bulletin Editor
Prof. Eva Frojmovic
School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies)
University of Leeds, UK — Leeds LS2 9 JT

BIAJS Web Officer
Dr Zuleika Rodgers
Dept of Near and Middle Eastern Studies
School of Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies
Trinity College, Dublin 2.

Note for Publishers: If you are interested in having inserts in annual BIAJS mailings, then please contact the secretary for further details. Neither the email or regular mailing list is available for sale.