PRESIDENT and CONFERENCE 2020-2021 ORGANISERDr Helen Spurling: History, Faculty of Humanities, University of Southampton. Email:

TREASURER: Dr Lindsey Askin, Department of Religion and Theology, University of Bristol. Email:

SECRETARY: Dr David Tollerton, Theology and Religion, University of Exeter. Email:


Dr Yulia Egorova, Department of Anthropology, Durham University. Email:

Dr Hannah Ewence, School of Humanities, University of Chester, Department of History and Archaeology. Email:

WEB OFFICER: Dr Zuleika Rodgers, Department of Near and Middle Eastern Studies,  Trinity College Dublin. Email:

SOCIAL MEDIA OFFICER: Dr Ben Gidley, Department of Psychosocial Studies, Birkbeck University of London. Email:

PG/ECR REPRESENTATIVE: Dr Katharina Keim, University of Manchester. Email:

STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE: Susannah Rees, Department of Theology & Religious Studies, King’s College London. Email:

Dr Andrea Schatz (President-elect 2022), Department of Theology & Religious Studies, King’s College London. E-mail:

Dr James Renton (President-elect 2023), Department of English and History, Edge Hill University. Email:

Dr Eva Frojmovic (until 2025), Centre for Jewish Studies, School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Leeds. Email:

Dr Mia Spiro (until 2024), School of Critical Studies, Department of Theology & Religious Studies, University of Glasgow. Email:

Dr Jaclyn Granick (until 2025), School of History, Archaeology and Religion, Cardiff University. Email: