Conference: ‘Musica Judaica- Jewish music between oral and written traditions – The 19th Century in Context’, 14-15 July, 2019.

Musica Judaica

Jewish music between oral and written traditions – The 19th Century in Context

Sunday-Monday, 14-15 July 2019

Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies
Clarendon Institute
Walton Street, Oxford OX1 2HG

Musica Judaica brings together scholars, performers and cantors for a two-day invitational conference to investigate the interdependence, interference and interconnectivity of oral and written traditions within Jewish Music in European Ashkenazic cultures from the early 19th century until the Shoah. The conference takes into account the late medieval and early modern pre-history of the period as well as its contemporary non-Jewish cultural contexts. Presentations explore wider theoretical questions reflecting on problematic terms such as ‘classical’, the artificial division between sacred and secular, and the use of music as source for writing Jewish history.

The conference is organised by Marton Ribary (Manchester) and Diana Matut (Halle-Wittenberg/Heidelberg). It includes two round table discussions and four academic sessions. The keynote lecture is given by Mark Kligman (UCLA) which includes professional musical accompaniment with Alexander Knapp (SOAS) on piano, Rabbi Cantor Gershon Silins as the lead cantorial voice and a choir of twelve of the Joyful Company of Singers led by Peter Broadbent.

Please RSVP on the email address specified on the conference’s page on the website of the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies. The conference brochure with full details and abstracts can be downloaded from the conference’s page. The brochure is formatted in A5 page layout and designed to be printed in booklet format.

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