Woolf Institute Summer School, July 2019

Woolf Institute Summer School, July 2019

The Woolf Institute opens its new Summer School in July 2019 to graduate students. The Summer School offers programmes of study for those interested in religion and society.

Classes will be taught by Cambridge academics in a beautiful new building in the heart of the city. Cambridge is one of Europe’s most beautiful destinations and is just one hour from London.

Join us for an accredited Masters of Arts module or complete a Woolf Institute Certificate of Completion. Students will learn alongside Master’s students from the Cambridge Theological Federation who are studying for a degree accredited by Anglia Ruskin University.

The Woolf Institute Summer School offers two modules:

  • Religion and Society from the Medieval to the Modern (July 1st to July 12th 2019): Lectures and seminars on Jews, Muslims and Christians in the Middle East, southern Europe and the Balkans from the medieval era to modern times.
  • New Neighbours: Diverse Parishes (July 15th to July 26th 2019): Lectures and seminars on citizenship, integration and discrimination within religious and ethnic minority communities.

For further information contact:

Dr Emma Harris: eth22@cam.ac.uk

Or visit us here: https://bit.ly/2LnXOPv

Course fees start at £800


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