Conference, ‘Lament, Reading and Therapy’, Oriel College, Oxford (Monday 5 November 2018)

Day-long workshop on ‘Lament, Reading and Therapy’ , Oriel College, Oxford

Monday 5 November 2018.

This workshop is co-organized by King’s College London and the University of Oxford.

The workshop considers the composition, performance, and repetition of texts of lament, loss and healing. We understand the writing and reading of these lament traditions to be the work of therapy. Presentations will explore how interpretive communities – collective and individual – internalise, interpret and translate experiences of trauma and fracture into new readings, rewritten scripture, and radical prayer.

The following speakers will present (9.00am–5.00pm): Ilit Ferber (Tel Aviv); Hindy Najman (Oxford); David Janzen (Durham); Paul Joyce (KCL); Andrew Mein (Durham); Anna Rowlands (Durham); Joanna Collicutt (Cuddesdon); Annette Volfing (Oxford); and Paul Mandel (Schechter Institute, Jerusalem). At the end of the day (5.15pm) there will be keynote lecture by Galit Hasan-Rokem (Hebrew University), followed by a reception.

For a detailed schedule, click here.

All are welcome. If you are interested, please fill in the online registration form as soon as possible.

For any logistical questions, please write to:

Prof. Hindy Najman (University of Oxford) and Prof. Paul Joyce (King’s College London)


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