Conference Programme, ‘Jews and Strangers’, 3 July, 2018

Programme for the conference JEWS AND STRANGERS at Leo Baeck College (London), 3, July 2018

8.45 – 9.15: registration

First Panel: Imagining the Stranger

9.15-10.35: Prof Efraim Sicher (Ben Gurion University, Beer-Sheva, Israel) ‘The Daughter of Germany: The Stranger Within the Jewish Imaginary’.

9.35-9.55: Dr Maxime Decout (Lille University, France) ‘Jews as Strangers, Strangers as Jews in the Post-War French Novel’.

9.55-10.15: Prof Jonathan Gill (Amsterdam University College, the Netherlands) ‘Show Yourself to Me: Diane Arbus’s Radical Otherings’.

10.15- 10.35: Dr Søren Blak Hjortshøj (Roskilde University, Denmark) ‘Boundaries of the Stranger: the Contributing Stranger, Cosmopolitanism and the Jewish Question’.

10.35-10.45: Questions

10.45-11.05: tea/coffee break

Second Panel: Jewish Stranger among Jews

11.05-11.25: Prof Chad Alan Goldberg (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA) ‘The Stranger in Germany and America’.

11.25-11.45: Dr Eyal Davidson (Orot Israel College and Herzog College, Israel) ‘The Attitude of the Jews in the Land of Israel toward the Marranos in the Sixteenth Century’.

11.45-12.05: Dr Federico Dal Bo (University of Barcelona, Spain) ‘“They Are Not My People” Mysticism and Political Extremism in Henry Bean’s Script The Believer (2001)’.

12.05-12.25: Dr Dani Kranz (Bergische University Wuppertal, Germany) ‘(Friendly Strangers in their Own Land? Third Generation Jews and Socio-Political Activism in the Present in Germany’.

12.25-12.35: questions

12.35-13.35: Lunch at the Strudel Café

13.35-14.35: Keynote lecture, followed by 10 minutes questions: Prof Maurice Samuels (Yale University, USA) ‘Friendship and Betrayal: The Duchess de Berry, Simon Deutz, and Modern France’s First Anti-Semitic Affair’

Third Panel: Jews, Strangers and Colonialism

14.35-14.55: Prof Shirli Gilbert (University of Southampton, UK) ‘Jewish Identity and Racism in South Africa’.

14.55-15.15: Dr Shira Klein (Chapman University, USA) ‘Strange Brothers: Italian Jews, African Jews, and the Colonization of Africa’.

15.15-15.35: Dr Claire Le Foll (University of Southampton, UK) ‘Jews and Poles in the Belorussian Provinces of the Russian Empire: The Confrontation of Two “Alien” Groups at the End of the Nineteenth Century’.

15.35-15.45: Questions

15.45-16.05: Tea/coffee break

Fourth Panel: Hosting the Stranger

16.05-16.25: Dr Mathias Berek (Technische Universität Berlin, Germany) ‘Rights of the Stranger in Jewish Moral: Reactions to M. Lazarus’ Ethics of Judaism in Imperial Germany’.

16.25-16.45: Dr Olga Tabachnikova (University of Central Lancashire, UK): ‘Russian Jewish Writers in the Post-Soviet World: The Question of Self-Identification in Literature and Life’.

16.45- 17.05: Dr Natan M. Meir (Portland State University, USA) ‘Strangers among us: The Outcasts of Jewish Society in Eastern Europe’.

17.05- 17.25: Dr Catherine Bartlett (University of Surrey, UK) ‘The Christian Orphan as the Stranger in Nineteenth-Century European Jewish Fiction’.

17.25-17.35: Questions.

17.35-19.00: Afternoon tea

As places are limited, early registration is advisable at: /webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_b utton_id=5QF4Q52LSA4Z2

The conference fees (£60) include tea/coffee breaks, Kosher lunch and Kosher afternoon tea.

For further information contact Dr Catherine Bartlett at:

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