Liverpool University Press announces new partnership with the Littman Foundation

Liverpool University Press is delighted to announce a new partnership with The Littman Foundation.

LUP presents essential reading from this collection on a fully-searchable digital platform for the first time, as The Littman E-Library of Jewish Civilization (LEJC).

What are the benefits to your library?

  • Comprehensive: 90-volume digital library with over 30,000 pages of leading research in Jewish studies from ‘Arthur Szyk: Artist, Jew, and Pole’ to ‘The Zohar: Reception and Impact’.
  • Wide-ranging: The LEJC includes international perspectives on Jewish civilization from the USA, Israel, Germany, Poland and the UK, amongst others.
  • Variety of texts: A comprehensive overview of a variety of subject areas including: history, cultural studies, literature, the Holocaust, biography, religious studies, philosophy and women’s studies.
  • Continuous access: 24/7 access via IP or username/password.
  • Invaluable: Digitized for the first time, the LEJC dates from 1965 with work from leading scholars such as Anthony Polonsky, Rachel Elior, Menachem Kellner, and Ada Rapoport-Albert.

From 1 March 2017, 90 volumes in the LEJC will be available for one-off purchase by institutions with perpetual access. To register your interest and be kept up-to-date on the LEJC sign up to our email list:

We’re still busy building the LEJC, take a look!

30-day free trials of the content will be available for your library, contact for more information.

The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization, founded by Louis Littman in memory of his father to explore, explain, and perpetuate the Jewish heritage, published its first book in 1965:

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