10–11 May, 2017, Oxford, UK

Conveners: Jan Joosten and John Screnock

The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls produced seismic shifts in the textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible. Now, after their full publication and integration into the field, a new wave of scholarship is questioning old assumptions, applying interdisciplinary approaches, and rethinking the methodologies we apply to text-critical evidence.

On 10–11 May, 2017, the University of Oxford will host a colloquium devoted to methodologically new and unique work in textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible and related texts. Presenters will have ample time to present their work and receive feedback from other colloquium participants, including Ron Hendel, Jan Joosten, Michael Segal, and Hugh Williamson.

We invite papers from scholars whose work goes beyond conventional approaches; early-career scholars and recent PhDs are especially encouraged to submit. Proposals of 1,000–2,000 words, based on projects that are well under way, should be sent to John Screnock ( The deadline for paper proposals is 15 January, 2017.