Archival Fellowship, Anglo-Israel Relations, University of Manchester

The Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of Manchester is seeking to fund a short-term project to generate a guide to the Anglo-Jewish holdings on the Arab-Israeli conflict, which are scattered throughout the University’s archives, for the facilitation of future scholarly research. The expectation would be that the successful candidate would be based in Manchester for the research period of 4-6 weeks. The precise methodology and scope of the project would be agreed with the Centre’s directors.

Collections that would be surveyed include the massive Guardian Archive, which documents through dispatches and published articles the history of the Second World War, the founding of Israel and the later Middle East conflicts, and which includes important correspondence with Chaim Weizmann; the papers of Samuel Alexander (1859-1938), a supporter of the campaign for a Jewish homeland in Palestine; the W.P. Crozier Papers which incorporate interviews with Weizmann and other statesmen over the issue of the Jewish National Home; the Military Papers of Major-General Eric Edward Dorman O’Gowan, which include material relating to the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the Dame Mabel Tylecote Printed Collection, which contains printed material relating to the Anglo-Israel Association, the foundation of Israel and the Middle East conflict.

The Centre acts as a focus for Jewish Studies at the University of Manchester and also as the hub for the Northern UK Jewish Studies Partnership. The proposed project is one of a number of activities intended to facilitate the research use of University of Manchester Library archival holdings, sponsored by the Centre for Jewish Studies, alongside similar projects under the auspices of the John Rylands Research Institute and other research-related bodies.

Further particulars. Payment: A consultancy fee of £3500 for 4-6 weeks. Period in which the work must be completed: Anytime in the period 1 Dec 2016 – 31 Aug 2017. Application: Please send a cover letter outlining your suitability for such a project and a CV, detailing relevant PhD or equivalent experience/qualifications, to The expectation is that the successful candidate will be notified by mid November 2016. Deadline for application: 31 Oct 2016.

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