The Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies invites proposals from individuals or institutions wishing to direct an Oxford Seminar in Advanced Jewish Studies in 2018-2019. The Seminar may be convened either from mid October to mid March or from mid January to mid June.

The Seminar will convene in weekly meetings through the duration of two Oxford terms, which in 2018-2019 will be from 7 October to 1 December 2018, 13 January to 9 March 2019, and 28 April to 17 June 2019. These meetings will offer a forum for the group to address central research topics related to the overall theme of the project. One or more publications will be expected as a product of the Seminar.

The Seminar will be based on a core of visiting fellows who will participate in the work of the research group for the full six months, in conjunction with a larger number of fellows who will attend for shorter periods. The Seminar can expect funding for up to the equivalent of seven fellows in residence for six months.

Visiting fellows will each receive an allowance, including a sum to cover accommodation and travelling expenses, and shared office space in the centre of Oxford in the Clarendon Institute, where the Leopold Muller Memorial Library is housed and where most of the Centre’s academic staff have their offices.

Proposals are invited for research groups in any area of Hebrew and Jewish Studies. Preference will be given to a project with a clear research rationale which involves use of special resources available in Oxford.

Proposals, in not more than two pages, should include the following information:
1. Title of Seminar
2. Seminar leader or leaders
3. Description of subject
4. Methods to be used to take advantage of collaborative research
5. Possibilities for innovation through the research project
6. Reasons why Oxford is particularly appropriate as the venue for the seminar
7. Value of the Seminar for the development of Jewish Studies as an academic subject
8. Names of scholars who might be invited to participate in the project

Please attach a brief curriculum vitae of each Seminar leader.

The Centre will inform applicants in early February 2017 which proposals have been selected for further consideration and may request further information from proposers before the final decision in mid March 2017.

Please send your proposal to the Registrar, Martine Smith-Huvers, by email
(registrar@ochjs.ac.uk) by 16 January 2017.

For information on previous Seminars held at the Centre see
http://www.ochjs.ac.uk/academic-activities/previous-research-projects-osajs/, and on the Seminar to be held in 2016-2017, see http://www.ochjs.ac.uk/academic-activities/oxfordseminar-in-advanced-jewish-studies-current/


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