Call for applications: Oxford Summer Institute on Modern and Contemporary Judaism: ‘Academic Jewish Studies and Judaism: Reciprocal Influences’, 27 June to 4 July 2016

Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies in collaboration with the Berman Center, Lehigh University

Oxford Summer Institute on Modern and Contemporary Judaism: Academic Jewish Studies and Judaism: Reciprocal Influences

27 June to 4 July 2016

Call for applications

The third annual Oxford Summer Institute on Modern and Contemporary Judaism (OSI-MCJ) will address ‘Academic Jewish Studies and Judaism: Reciprocal Influences’, a subject arising from some of the insightful research presented at the two initial OSI-MCJ gatherings.

During the first stages in the emergence of the scientific study of Judaism in the nineteenth century, many of the key figures in the efforts to reform or adjust Jewish religious practice and theology to modern life were also anchors of the scientific community dedicated to the critical study of Judaism. These individuals utilised their scholarly findings to support their novel religious approaches, but as academic Jewish studies moved beyond the theological seminaries into secular universities the lines between living religion and critical study became more pronounced. It would appear, however, that there has arisen in more recent years a new and more complex reciprocity which can be described as a conversation between parallel but separate domains. The third OSI-MCJ is designed to explore the variety of specific ways in which this reciprocity is evolving and the implications of this dynamic both for academic Jewish studies and for contemporary Jewish religious life and theology.

Oxford Summer Institutes involve a period of intense study in the setting of an advanced seminar. A core group of senior scholars of Jewish religion and culture has already been invited for the 2016 OSI under the leadership of Professor Adam Ferziger (Bar Ilan) and Professor Hartley Lachter (Lehigh), and the Centre now invites applications from a further eight European scholars in the field at an early stage in their career (i.e. scholars who are about to complete a doctorate or have completed a doctorate since December 2010).

Up to eight European scholars will be selected to join the 2016 OSI. The Centre will cover travel and accommodation costs.

To apply, please send curriculum vitae, a research proposal relating to topic of the 2016 OSI, and two academic references to Martine Smith-Huvers ( by Friday 26 February 2016.

Application Form
Information for Applicants

The closing date for completed applications is: 26 February 2016.

The Centre will inform you of the result of your application by 11 March 2016.

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