A conference on the theme of ‘Atheism, Scepticism and Challenges to Monotheism’ will be hosted at the University of Manchester 5-7 July under the auspices of the British Association for Jewish Studies: www.manchesterjewishstudies.org/bajs-conference/

There are now some limited funds to cover the conference fee for postgraduate students who wish to attend the conference but who are NOT planning to give a paper. Please contact Prof. Daniel Langton (daniel.r.langton@manchester.ac.uk) if this interests you.

The process would be (i) join BAJS as a student/associate member (depending on whether you are based in the UK or outside the UK), and (ii) receive the reimbursement of the student/associate member conference fee after the conference (£55/100 for two days or £30/50 for one day). Please note that the deadline for registering is Fri 29 May.

Conference registration details:


BAJS membership details:


Please feel free to forward this call to interested fellow postgraduate students in the UK and beyond.